Since 2000, AGE Foundation has led the effort to achieve sustainable and real growth in social development.



Annually substantial amounts of the AGE Group profits are put into sustainable NGO’s in order to improve the lives of the previously disadvantaged and poor communities, and in turn promote broad based economic empowerment in South-Africa.

Thanks to an innovative and far–sighted project of the African General Equity
(AGE) Foundation
— Trevor Manuel, SA minister of Finance (2003 Budget Speech)


  • Education
  • Health
  • Legal
  • Human Rights
  • Eye care support services
  • Woman Abuse (counseling and support)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Support of mentally challenged children

The following NGO’s are supported by the AGE Foundation:

Our contribution to the Blind and Deaf Society

We thank the Age Group for their generous support which has enabled us to continue providing accredited computer literacy training to blind and deaf persons and in doing so enriching their lives by creating opportunities for personal advancement.
— Nad Ramsarup, Deputy Director - KZN BLIND AND DEAF SOCIETY

More from the Blind and Deaf Society: