Shipping Corporation of South Africa

The Shipping Corporation of South Africa (SCSA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the AGE Group and has been started with the intention of becoming the leading black-owned national carrier of cargo locally and globally. SCSA is in partnership with the Shipping Corporation of India (SCI). Our service offers a full supply chain solution.

SCSA’s focus is to deliver superlative ocean freight service with speedy turnaround times as well as competitive prices. Services offered are diverse and includes global freighting with the emphasis on bulk cargo.

SCSA has a network of highly specialised personnel with over 40 years of national and international experience with access to the latest information systems regarding cargo handling.

Employment Creation

Part of our on-going mission is to empower people. SCSA has chosen to actively pursue the formation of a Maritime School that would train and develop personnel. As part of this mission, SCSA intends to serve as a vehicle for job creation and participate in the growth of our country so as to make it a formidable global competitor.