Reggie Naidoo

Group Executive Chairman

The AGE Group was established by Mr Reggie Naidoo more than fifteen years ago.  In the early nineties Reggie honed his business skills at grass root level in the townships of the Eastern Cape. He founded IBEC (Independent Enrichment Business Centre) and IBFC (Independent Business Finance Centre) providing training and finance to hawkers, SMME’s and the unemployed in SA. After moving to Johannesburg, he established the AGE (African General Equity) Group in 2000.

Reggie’s wide exposure to the business world in Development Finance, Asset Management, Treasury, Venture Capital, Reinsurance, ICT, Airlines, Shipping, Loyalty reward programmes, Media, Cinema, Food and SMME training gives the AGE Group the expertise it needs to grow in a variety of markets.

As part of his diverse portfolio, Reggie was previously the Managing Director of Decillion Treasury Management Services, as well as joint Managing Director of Decillion SA. He was also the economic adviser to the Speaker of Parliament to Iran, as well as the expert adviser to the panel on SMME finance to Minister Rob Davies of the Department of Trade and Industry.

Reggie is currently the secretariat for the BRICS Reinsurance Project and serves on a number of International Business Councils and CEO forums.

He’s passion is in developing Non Profit Organisations to service and develop communities in impoverished areas.

Reggie serves as Chair of the Africa Board of Trustees of the Brien Holden Vision Institute, Deputy Chair of SAMTRA (SA Maritime Training Academy) and is a trustee of AMS (Air Mercy Services). Reggie continues to play a role in assisting and financing organisations to continue their programmes in, among others, education, human rights development and domestic violence (women and children), blind and deaf schools and SMME development.

Reggie’s scholarly achievements include a post graduate diploma in World Banking and Finance from the University of Colorado and a Masters in Management from WITS University.

He studied SMME development and finance in many countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, the US, among others.  He is currently undertaking a PhD at the University Of Fort Hare.


Keyuri Naidoo


Keyuri Naidoo is a graduate of the University of Pretoria. In 2014 she completed a BSc degree in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics. Having a passion for the film industry she also holds an Acting Diploma from the New York Film Academy. She is a keen participator in the AGE Group, contributing a new and refreshing outlook on the business.