AGE Media

AGE Media Consulting is a partnership between AGE Group and DO Productions to create a full service media consultancy and agency with a focus on radio, media research and new media solutions.

Our team has over 30 years in the media industry and creates turnkey solutions for clients.


The founders of the AGE Group have a love for movies and music dating as far back as the early 1900's.

The Springbok Cinema in East London was established before World War II by Layden Brothers, a White-owned establishment for Black entertainment. During the apartheid era the Cinema was leased by Black owners with White nominees.

During the late nineteen sixties, Mr Dickie Naidoo, a World War II veteran, became the owner of the Springbok Cinema until the nineteen eighties, where movies of all genres were shown. Action movies, as well as movies that appealed to Black audiences, and interracial love stories were shown.

Springbok cinema also entertained audiences with major music concerts like ‘Harare’, ‘The Rockets’ and local SA talent.

Mr Dickie Naidoo expanded his entertainment business to the only Black owned nightclub, ‘The Golden Inn’, where local talent were given an opportunity to shine. Further, he started a movie distribution of karate movies to all Black owned cinemas in SA.

During apartheid when the unions could not get premises to hold meetings, Mr. Naidoo closed the cinema for two days a week for union meetings, until the BBC informed the Apartheid government that the cinema was being used for SAWU meetings. The government threatened Mr Naidoo, his family and business, if he did not stop supporting the union. This is where his son, Reggie started his business career and political understanding. Reggie spent most of his time in the cinema as well as sitting in union meetings from the age of eight years old. Reggie also expanded into movie distribution, video hire and distribution, nightclubs and jazz cafes, record sales and distribution.

In 2015, Keyuri, Reggie’s daughter, continues the family interest in film and entertainment, starting her own movie productions and Meisner workshops within the AGE Group. Keyuri graduated from the University of Pretoria with a BSc degree in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics and also holds an Acting Diploma from the New York Film Academy.